Why choose wedding ring king

Our name says it all! We are focused on providing the highest quality wedding rings and making it easy for you to buy online!

We consider every factor that plays a role in guaranteeing the longevity of jewellery: quality; width; proportion; design; precision and diamonds. This attention to detail allows us to craft pieces that will last forever.

Are you really a jeweller AND a jewellery designer?

Yes, and have been for over 20 years! My combined experience of jewellery designer, qualified diamond grader and jeweller, is your guarantee to an enchantingly beautiful ring.

Are your diamonds 100% conflict free?

A definite yes! All our diamonds are sourced from ethical Australian diamond suppliers that support socially responsible trade. We will never compromise your trust, or our reputation – giving you peace of mind when wearing our 100% conflict free diamond jewellery

Wedding Ring King Conflict Free Diamonds
Wedding Ring King Conflict Free Diamonds
Wedding Ring King

Holey Moley!

Now why on earth are holes being drilled in diamond rings?

Let’s clear up a few of these holey myths…

Holes make it easier to clean your ring

Well, if the holes weren’t there in the first place, you wouldn’t have to clean them. And when dirt does get trapped in those teeny-tiny holes, you’ll have a very hard time trying to clean it out.

Holes make the ring feel lighter

Why would you want your ring to be a few micrograms lighter? If the holes do make a substantial difference in the weight, it will only serve to make the ring feel cheaper than it really is. Drilling holes could also weaken the structure of your ring.

Wedding Ring King preserves the integrity of your ring by keeping it completely solid. Strengthening the ring and letting you enjoy the weighty feel of a high-quality wedding ring.

Holes let more light through – leading to a more sparkly diamond

This is an easy myth to blow out the water…how will light enter from the bottom of the ring if it’s snug against your finger?

And the brilliance of a diamond is determined by the amount of light it’s exposed to, but the cut of the stone.  The perfect cut lets natural light in from the top, reflects it through the stone and exits again through the top. (For more detail on what makes a diamond brilliant, please go checkout our 4c’s page)

At Wedding Ring King we only work with perfectly cut diamonds to ensure an exquisite sparkle – for eternity.

Matching Quality

If your design calls for more than one diamond, we go the extra mile to ensure that all the stones are perfectly matched. Not only in size (carat) but in all 4 factors that play a role in determining the appearance of a diamond: Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat.

Unfortunately, not all jewellers pay attention to this critical component. Because, as you can imagine, finding 16 perfectly matched diamonds requires patience and persistence – and a willingness to invest more time into crafting one exquisite piece.

Wedding Ring King displays all these important qualities. Qualities that are essential in guaranteeing a flawless diamond wedding ring

Precision, Precision, Precision!

Wedding Ring King has mastered the art of impeccable workmanship. We are super fussy when selecting the diamonds that best suit your ring design and apply the exact same precision when setting the diamonds in your ring. To learn more visit our 4C's Page 

Attention to detail is what sets us – and our gorgeous jewellery – apart.

You deserve the best – down to every last ‘little’ detail

“All of me, loves all of you.” All of Me – John legend