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Ring Resizing

All you need to know about getting your band resized!

What happens if the ring I ordered doesn’t fit perfectly! Don't worry ring re sizing is on us! 

Don't let the question of size stress you out. Wedding Ring King provides complimentary resizing for all wedding bands within 2 finger sizes of the size that you order. Please email us at customerhappiness@weddingringking.co with all of your order details to organise your resize we will make sure the process is simple and easy for you!

How do you resize my ring? 

Depending on whether your ring is too small or too big for you, we add or remove tiny amounts of metal to create your perfectly sized ring. Because of the addition or removal of metal, your band might be a little thicker, or thinner after it’s been resized. Rest assured that our professional jeweller is thoroughly experienced in resizing rings and any changes made should be invisible to the naked eye.

After the resizing process, all diamonds are securely checked and your ring is properly cleaned and polished, whereafter it undergoes a final quality check. Then all that’s left to do is send the beloved ring back to its eagerly awaiting owner!

Can any type of ring be resized? 

Yes, all our rings can be resized with the exception of our full circle diamond wedding rings.

Do you know your ring size?

You’ve just received your ring after patiently waiting for a couple of weeks. You slowly open the box with bated breath – excitement running high. You let out a squeal of delight as you spot the sparkling piece of perfection. As you slip on the sensational ring, gently gliding it over your finger – it gets stuck at your knuckle! Your majestic moment is spoiled and you have to part ways again until it’s been resized…

Wedding Ring King is on a mission to eradicate such disappointment with this fabulously comprehensive ring size guide. Our renowned jewellery expert, Robbie Chapman, is dedicated to creating a perfect ring that also fits perfectly – the first time.

Our combination of the ring size chart, and our World Famous Multisizer you are guaranteed to pin-point your perfect ring size.

The law of averages

Keep these averages below in mind when you’re measuring – it’s a nice check to make sure you’re on the right path. If your measurement seems way off, get in touch with our friendly customer service team – they’d be delighted to assist you!


Most common ring size purchased: J - M

Size most often purchased: K


Most common ring size purchased: S - W

Size most often purchased: T

The Magical ‘World Famous Multisizer’

We highly recommend this ring-sizer kit. It’s been tried and tested with proven success. 

The best part? Wedding Ring King provides this nifty little packet for free! 

Just follow this link World Famous Multi sizer - fill out the details and you’ll soon receive your ‘World Famous Multisizer’ 

Follow the below steps to identify your ring size: 

If there’s a big difference between the size of your knuckle and the base of your finger, measure both areas and choose the ring size in between the two measurements. Because your hands warm up and slightly swell during the day, measure your ring size 3 times at the warmest part of the day.

Want to make doubly sure that you’ve got the right size? Then grab another ring that perfectly fits on the finger you wish to size.

Tips for measuring the ring’s size:

Make sure to fit the ring on the hand that you will be wearing the ring on. Your dominant hand’s fingers are usually larger than your other hand.  The ring should be able to easily slide over your knuckle and sit snugly on the base of your finger. If you’re sure you’ve got the right size – measure the ring against our printable ring sizer Can I see our printable ring sizer The inside edge of the ring should fit over the circle on the ring sizer – the measurement shown is the inside diameter of the ring. If your ring doesn’t perfectly fit any ring size, choose the slightly larger ring size.

Pop into your Local Jeweller

You always have the option of visiting any Jeweller – they’ll be able to size your finger on the spot!

Buying for someone else?

Are you planning a surprise gift? To avoid the disappointing moment when the ring has to be sent back for resizing, you’re going to have to get crafty in figuring out their ring size. Whatever you do, don’t try and guess. 

I still don't feel comfortable ordering as i am not sure i have measured my ring size properly?

Not to sorry!! send us a email or live chat us and we will talk you through the process, we are here to help! 

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." -Katherine Hepburn