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If Your Engagement Ring is a Simple Solitaire Design

Whether your elegant engagement ring is round, princess cut or a fancy shape, a solitaire engagement ring is best complemented with a thin and equally elegant pave straight diamond band. A simple pavè band adds extra sparkle and complements your stunning engagement ring design without taking away from the centre piece.


As your wedding band is a symbol of your love and commitment for one another, it’s important to choose a band that not only reflects your style, but one that compliments your existing engagement ring, in every way.

But, how do you know if the wedding band you’ve selected is the right band that enhances your engagement ring in all the right ways? To help you choose, we’ve put together a safe guide to follow when selecting the perfect wedding band for your engagement ring.

From elegant, detailed diamond bands to more simple and traditional designs, we have a wide range of stunning wedding bands to suit your personal style, budget and existing engagement ring design.

If Your Engagement Ring Features a Single Row of Diamonds…

If your engagement ring features a number of existing diamonds, such as a straight row of diamonds we recommend selecting a wedding ring with a similar setting style that matches your engagement ring i.e. if your engagement ring has channel set diamonds in the band, then select a wedding band which also has this style. The wedding ring is usually selected to be a matching width for consistency with the original engagement ring although some brides-to-be opt-in for a different width band just to ensure both pieces stand apart from each other.

If Your Engagement Ring is a Halo Style...

If your engagement ring is a halo style we recommend pairing it up with a diamond band, either straight or curved in shape. This is because halo designs are made to give a bright diamond look and using diamonds in your matching wedding will allow this consistency to flow.

Choosing a plain band without any diamonds will tend to detract from this beautiful bright look which the halo has built up. Choose a wedding ring with a row of diamonds and you can be sure to end up with a stunning finished set.

If Your Engagement Ring is a Trilogy Style…

We recommend pairing your three-stone engagement ring with a wedding band that features similarly cut gemstones, such as a baguette style pictured below. If your trilogy engagement ring is crafted with Emerald Cut diamonds or Princess Cut diamonds, we suggest selecting a wedding band with similar shaped stones, or something similar that resembles this style.


If Your Engagement Ring is a Show Stopper…

If your engagement ring turns heads, ideally there are two styles of wedding bands to choose from that compliment your show stopper beautifully. You can either choose to opt for a simple diamond band, one that still lets your sparkler do all the talking, such as a pave set engagement ring pictured below. Or, choose to wear a wedding band of your choice on your opposite finger for balance - you decide!

If Your Engagement Ring is a Vintage Design or Family Heirloom…

If your engagement ring is vintage inspired or a family heirloom that’s been handed down for decades, the chances of finding a suitable wedding band to match your engagement ring, may seem rather low. Which is why our team suggest choosing a wedding band that has one main element in common with your vintage design. For example, your vintage design may feature rose gold elements, then we suggest selecting a rose gold band. If your vintage design features symbols or hand-crafted elements, then we suggest choosing a wedding band that reflects these elements. A design such as the vintage baguette and round band or straight band with detail pictured below, is popular with brides who have a vintage inspired engagement ring.

Your Engagement Ring is Rose Gold or Mixed Metal…

If your engagement ring is rose gold or mixed with both white and yellow gold accents, don’t be afraid to incorporate another these tones into your wedding ring. This option is becoming increasingly popular with the more ‘modern’ brides, who love wearing their sets with consistent beauty

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