Most popular questions!

Hey! Where’s my ring? (Track your order) 

As soon as our renowned designer and master jeweller Robbie Chapman has perfected your ring and sent it on its way – we will send you an email with the order number and your tracking ID. You’re welcome!

All you have to do is click on the link in the email, input your tracking ID and presto! – you’ll instantly know where your package currently finds itself. 

You can also hop onto the Australia Post website 

How much do I have to fork out for Shipping?

Absolutely nothing! Here at Wedding Ring King, delivery is on us – worldwide!

How long is this going to take?

We know you’re in a hurry, but perfection takes time! Give our famed jeweller between 3-4 weeks to handcraft your customised ring. It will be worth it, we promise!

How on earth do I know what my ring size is? 

So you’ve finally decided to put a ring on it and need to figure out the size? We’d love to help!

The Magical ‘World Famous Multisizer’

We highly recommend this ring-sizer kit. It’s been tried and tested with proven success. 

The best part? Wedding Ring King provides this nifty little packet for free! Order yours for free via this link World Famous Multisizer 

Don't want to wait for the ring sizer to be posted? 

Do you know what your engagement ring size is? If so that's amazing as your wedding band will be the same size, easy peasy! Otherwise you can always pop into your local jeweller they’ll be able to size your finger on the spot!

We are also always here to help so please feel free to contact us via our live chat button on the bottom right of the screen, email us at customerhappiness@weddingringking.co or give us a call on 1300650403

I need help! (With my order)

Don’t we all! Luckily our very helpful Customer Service people are ready and willing to help you out. Please contact us: 

Email: customerhappiness@weddingringking.co

How can I pay you? (Oh, let me count the ways)

It’s easier than ever to pay for your wonderful wedding rings. Pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Zip pay.

Why isn't my payment going through? 

It could be quite a few things, but we suggest tackling them in the following order:

Try another type of card or payment method – like Paypal.  Find out from your bank if they are experiencing any difficulties on their side. If you’re still stuck, please do contact our stellar Customer Service team customerhappiness@weddingringking.co

How do I know that my order went through successfully?

Hang tight and you’ll receive a confirmation email from us, within 30 minutes. Sometimes the email might misbehave and decide to hide in your spam or junk folders. Still nothing? Then please contact us to assist:

Email: customerhappiness@weddingringking.co

Is there a minimum order value for Zip Pay at Wedding Ring King?

Nope! Feel free to order as little (or as much!) as you’d like. No minimum order applies with zippay

Why do I have to sign for the delivery?

Your ring is as precious to us as it is to you – and we want to make extra sure that it reaches its rightful owner! So for this security reason, please allow us the honour of receiving your signature.

Do you ship to lands far, far away? (International deliveries)

Indeed we do. We’ve made it our mission to spread happiness – all over the world!

What if I need to change my delivery address?

We process and pack your order in time as our production carefully soon as we can. So, if our team hasn’t processed your beautiful package of happiness, then yes, we can change the delivery address.(i need to review this section) 

Email us as soon as possible to arrange the change: customerhappiness@weddingringking.co

Do you offer an extended warranty?

Yes, we can make your happiness last forever! Our Wedding Ring King Care Plan is perfect for giving you peace of mind when buying your wedding rings. Our Professional Care Plan  allows for a three (3) year warranty.

Oops…my ring doesn’t fit properly! Can you resize it?

Yes, your second chance at perfect happiness is on us! 

This once-off complimentary ring sizing allows for an up- or downsize of 2 full ring sizes. 

Contact our Customer Care team if you’d like to arrange a resize or visit our Resizing page for more info 

Email: customerhappiness@weddingringking.co

Privacy & Security

Do you keep my credit card and personal information safe and secure?

It is extremely important to us that you enjoy a fully secure online shopping experience. We've taken every reasonable measure to keep both your credit card and your personal details safe. 

Whenever you are required to provide personal or payment information, we make sure to secure this information with 128 bit SSL encryption. 

Want to make sure the page is secure? Look just to the left of your browser’s address bar – if it contains a little padlock, you’re good to go!

I’ve changed my mind – can I return my ring?

We’re pretty sure that once you’ve laid eyes on your ring, you’ll never want to take it off! But don’t stress if you’re not 100% in love with your ring. Contact us – we’d love to chat to you and work together towards the ultimate outcome:

Email: customerhappiness@weddingringking.co


Customer Service Hours

Our customer service team is based in Sydney, Australia.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (AEST).

For all customer enquiries:

email: customerhappiness@weddingringking.co

Where are you situated?

Australia! Proudly Australian owned and operated.

What happens behind the scenes after I’ve placed my order?

As soon as we’ve received your order, we compile all the little details and get started on creating your exquisite ring!

First the metal goes into production to form the ring mount, where after we carefully select the diamonds that best match your ring design. Using an incredibly powerful microscope, the diamonds are then set into the metal ring mount with meticulous attention to detail. Quality checks are performed throughout the process to make sure that every single checkpoint adheres to our standard of excellence.

After the setting is finalized, we polish your ring to perfection with specialized tools. If the ring passes our final – extremely strict – quality check, we’re ready to send your precious ring to you!

I’ve got questions…Do you offer after service on your jewellery?

Absolutely, our after sales service is what sets us apart. We help out with anything you might need and swiftly address all your jewellery enquiries. You’re just one email away from having all your questions answered:

Email: customerhappiness@weddingringking.co

Anything you need or if you have any enquiries about your jewellery you’re just one email away from having all your questions answered:

Where in the world is your jewellery created?

From the design, right through to manufacturing, everything happens right here in Australia. 

Wedding Ring King are proud supporters of the Australian Jewellery Industry!

I’m SO excited! When do I get my beautifully customised ring?

It takes about 3-4 weeks to craft your magnificent ring. Perfection takes time, but your patience will pay off! 

Are you really a jeweller AND a jewellery designer?

Yes, and have been for over 20 years! My combined experience of jewellery designer, qualified diamond grader and jeweller, is your guarantee to an enchantingly beautiful ring.

Why would I choose you over other jewellers? 

We don’t like blowing our own horn but… our name says it all. Wedding Ring King’s jeweller – Robbie Chapman – brings over 20 years of experience and passion, pouring it into every design that passes through his hands. His motto is evident in everything that he does – treating every piece of jewellery as if crafting it for himself.

Purchasing jewellery is a highly personal and emotional experience, making it that much more important to work with a professional jeweller that you can trust. A jeweller that is passionate about creating your perfect everlasting ring, but also genuinely cares that you enjoy the complete journey – from ordering, up to finally receiving your precious ring.

Are your diamonds 100% conflict free?

A definite yes! All our diamonds are sourced from ethical Australian diamond suppliers that support socially responsible trade. We will never compromise your trust, or our reputation – giving you peace of mind when wearing our 100% conflict free diamond jewellery. 

Do your diamond claw settings come from a precast ring?

Definitely not. All our rings are set from scratch. Experienced gemstone setters carve each individual claw for your specific diamond. This ensures that all the pieces fit perfectly together when assembled under a 90x magnification microscope. Yes, we leave NO room for error!

Precast rings won’t allow for the precision involved in crafting our high quality rings. 

I have a specific design in mind, could you prepare a quote for me?

Absolutely!  Just pop us an email and we’ll send a quote your way as soon as possible. Or you may head over to the “Custom King” section on our website.

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” — Oprah Winfrey