Care Plan

king care plan


A nominal charge of $0.13 per day (Once-off amount of $150) will have your ring shining as brightly as the day you first laid eyes on it.

Our 3 year King Care Plan offers unlimited repairs and services – free of charge* – as follows:

 Ring inspection, Cleaning, Polishing, Refinishing, Ring sizing** Replacing clasps, Re-tipping of prongs, Rhodium plating for any white gold and platinum pieces, Tightening and resetting of diamonds & gemstones

 *The only cost for your account is the courier charge when couriering your jewellery to us. The return courier is on us! If during inspection, we find an issue that occurred during our manufacturing process, all repairs and courier costs will be covered by Wedding Ring King.

 **Free ring sizing of 2 sizes of the size that you ordered and resizing is available once every 12 months. A few select rings aren’t suitable for resizing and would be advised on the ring’s product page.

How to arrange a free inspection and repair

 Email us by placing your King Care Plan number in the subject line and your service request in the body of the email: Once we’ve confirmed the details of your Care Plan, we’ll advise of the address where you may courier your jewellery to. We strongly suggest that you insure your parcel and insist on a signature on delivery. Immediately upon receipt of your jewellery, our master jeweller, Robbie Chapman will conduct a thorough inspection, taking into account your specific service request. Where after he’ll be in contact to discuss the suggested services and/or repairs before starting any work. Once you’ve agreed on the suggested services and/or repairs, your ring will be in Robbie’s expert hands and couriered back to you within 5 - 10 working days, via registered, insured post.

 Any questions about our King Care Plan? You’re only one email away from satisfying your curiosity!


You can add the King Care Pack on checkout there is an option to add it in the cart!


The King Care Plan (hereafter referred to as the “Plan”) is a legal and binding contract and only applies to rings bought directly from Wedding Ring King.

By purchasing the Plan, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the full Terms and Conditions herein. This is not an insurance agreement, and the obligated party in this contract is Wedding Ring King Pty Ltd – ACN - 636855868.

Ensure that you keep a copy of your Plan, together with the original sales documentation. When requesting services or repairs covered by the Plan, Wedding Ring King will require your proof of purchase.

Requesting Service or Repairs

To request services or repairs covered by the Plan, email Wedding Ring King and provide your Plan number.  

Upon confirmation of the validity of your Plan, you will be provided with the address to courier your parcel to Wedding Ring King. 

After a thorough inspection, you will be notified of the suggested services to be carried out. After reaching an agreement and confirming the specific services with you, our Jeweller will commence work.

Wedding Ring King undertakes to adhere to a turnaround time of approximately 5 (Five) to 10 (Ten) working days. Any delays will be timeously communicated directly with the client.

Upon completion, Wedding Ring King will courier your package, at their cost, via registered, insured post.

Australian Consumer Law 

Our jewellery and services are governed by the Australian Consumer Law. 

This Plan covers various services offered by Wedding Ring King, in addition to your legal entitlement under Australian Consumer Law. The services provided by Wedding Ring King, covered by this Plan, does in no way limit your existing rights under Australian Consumer Law.

With regards to any flaws in our jewellery or services, the following compulsory warranties apply:

In the event of any significant flaws with our services, you are entitled to:cancel your Plan with us; andrequest a refund of the remaining portion of the time-period or to be compensated for the Plan’s reduced value. In the event of any significant flaws with our jewellery, you are entitled to either request a refund or a replacement. If a flaw with our jewellery or service does not constitute a significant flaw, Wedding Ring King undertakes to rectify the flaw within a reasonable time frame. If Wedding Ring King fails to remedy the flaw, you are entitled to a refund of the jewellery or to cancel the Plan and request a refund of the unused portion. You are further entitled to compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage from a flaw in our jewellery or services. 

The Plan includes any parts and labour costs, up to the value of the original purchase price of the jewellery. 

Services covered under this plan

Ring inspectionCleaningPolishingRefinishingRing sizing*Replacing claspsRe-tipping of prongsRhodium plating for any white gold piecesTightening and resetting of diamonds & gemstones

*Free ring sizing, up to 2 sizes, is available once every 12 months. A few select rings aren’t suitable for resizing and would be stated on the ring’s product page.

What is not covered under the Plan

Superficial damage due to normal wear and tear. Including scratches, peeling and dents that don’t influence the integrity of the design;Damage due to negligenceDamage due to an accident, misuse or abuse, tampering with the ring’s prongs or inserting foreign objects into the ring. Failure to follow Wedding Ring King’s care instructions; Parts provided by, and modifications or repairs carried out, by anyone other than the approved Wedding Ring King service providersDamage that is covered by any other service plan or warrantyActions caused by third-parties: Theft, vandalism, fire or collisions etc.Damage due to the elements, or Acts of God; Damage due to acts of foreign enemies: war, invasion, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, riot, strike, labour disturbance, lockout or civil commotion; Damage due to preventative maintenance; Flaws in diamonds or gemstones; Any loss of diamonds, gemstones or any other parts of the covered product. Unless the loss was due to a flaw in materials or workmanship during the manufacturing process, and not caused by excessive stress or damage;Any other loss, not explicitly stated in the Plan; Any accessories used together with the ring;Loss of use while the ring is undergoing repairs or awaiting parts.



If at the end of your Plan’s term, you express interest in renewing your three year Plan, Wedding Ring King may at their own discretion, renew your Plan at the new applicable rate.

Terms of Coverage

This Plan commences on the date of purchase and continues for 3 (three) years.



You are allowed to cancel your Plan within the first 30 (thirty) days from the date of purchasing the Plan, on the condition that no services were already provided. To request the cancellation of your Plan and the subsequent refund, email your Plan number, along with a copy of the original sales document, to Wedding Ring King.


Limit of Liability

Wedding Ring King’s entire liability under the Plan is the original purchase price of the ring. If the total amount of all authorised services and repairs is equal to or exceeds the original purchase price of the ring, or the original ring is replaced with a ring of equal or higher retail value, all requirements covered by the Plan are deemed to be fulfilled.


Note that Wedding Ring King cannot be held responsible for modifications or repairs carried out by anyone other than the approved Wedding Ring King service providers. 

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