About Us

Wedding Ring King is the first online Australian Jewellery store that focuses on the highest quality rings for both ladies and gents. From simple yet elegant designs to dazzling diamond rings - our selection is sure to reveal your perfect ring, at a price that will make you cry... happy tears!

The most expensive
“W” in the world?

The “w” in “wedding”… It saddens us when we hear that so many suppliers in the wedding industry are taking advantage of couples, just because they want to say “I do!”.

We’ve made it our mission to provide rings of exceptional quality and design, at an amount you won’t be paying off the rest of your life.

But how do we do it?

Our in-house jewellery designer – Robbie Chapman – also happens to be a renowned and respected Australian Jeweller. He’s lived and breathed jewellery since the age of 15 – and now gifts the world with his 20 years’ experience!

Every bespoke design that Robbie brings to life carries an air of quality that is best appreciated when wearing. If ever you’ve wondered what quality feels like, you’ll know when you wear one of his masterpieces.

Double Agent?

Playing both roles – designing and creating jewellery pieces – is a massive advantage as Robbie fully understands the intricacies involved in crafting flawless rings. To add to his profession he is a qualified diamond grader, therefore you have the perfect person to create your exquisite jewellery of the finest quality.

His motto? Treating every piece of jewellery as if crafting it for himself. And lucky for you, Robbie is an absolute perfectionist!

Spreading smiles – globally!

We want everyone to have access to affordable quality. That’s why our online shop offers free worldwide shipping. So, now that we’ve removed all the barriers, there really is no reason to wear anything but the best!

Our comprehensive selection caters for a variety of occasions – and people! Whether you’re searching for matching his and hers wedding bands. Or looking to surprise your husband or wife with an amazing anniversary gift. Or just spoil yourself with an additional band to complement your existing set – we have a ring for every King OR Queen!

Feel free to browse our sensational selection of rings – and fall in love all over again!

Proudly Australian owned and operated, we fully support the Australian Jewellery Industry. From design to manufacturing – everything happens right here on Australian soil.